Farm Day!


This weekend we had the most beautiful Saturday, sunny 50s definitely what you want in January in order to forget that it is actually winter! To take full advantage of the beautiful weather my friend Alex and I took Yoda and his brothers dog, Murphy to meet some of our friends at a farm in Franklin Tn!

Since we werent going down to the farm until abouth 12:30, we had brunch at one of our favorite spots, Tavern! This was my first time getting brunch here, and so I followed Alex’s lead and got the Singapore Stir-fry! OMG this was awesome… and something I am definitely going to try and replicate at home!


IMG_5938IMG_5941Talk about the best way to tire your 8 month old puppy out! Our friend Eric has a dog Reagan and she and Yoda became best friends fast, chasing each other around the fields, and even attempting to intimidate cows…. considering Yoda weighs 13 lbs he was pretty successful… not





It was a great day of being outside and watching the dogs be ridiculous… and watching the boys cut down and move logs to make more room for the cows… I obviously helped…. by Instagraming pictures and playing with the dogs… its a rough job but someone had to do it!


IMG_5973Yoda passed out when we got home, leaving me feeling less guilty to leave him to watch my roommate Sarah play at a writers night and to meet up with Alex, Eric and their friend Meredith for a drink! The perfect low key Saturday! On Sunday I had a client, and then ran 10 miles to keep up with my 1/2 marathon training plan! I have two long runs left in this training and then its a week of taper and then off to Orlando!!!! So excited!!!

What fun things did ou do this weekend?!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



The most ridiculous thing

Happy Monday!

So I have a couple of things to share today.. one is the most ridiculous website ever in the whole world, and the other is a recipe? Lets save the best for last and do recipe first?

So I have been really trying to make things that last for several meals especially because I only eat dinner and my evening snack at home- the rest of my meals are eaten and provided for by work! So the less I spend on dinner the more money in my wallet which is a win win for me!

Lately I have also been trying to make or at least slightly replicate some of the recipes I have pinned on Pinterest because I have so many that I have never actually made… and whats the point of that? This recipe is a stuffed pepper recipe that is based of a few recipes on Pinterest but really my own… combing my lifelong love of bell peppers with healthy and tasty additions such as quinoa, chicken sausage, spinach, and green onions!

I cheated and bought pre-made quinoa from Whole Foods to save myself time but you can make it at home, or sub in brown rice or any other grain you prefer- or none if you want to make it paleo friendly!

I started by cooking up two Sundried Tomato Chicken Sausages from Whole Foods



While those were cooking I cut the tops off of two medium red bell peppersIMG_5869


And mixed together the quinoa, spinach, onions, and some goat cheese inn the Whole Foods container to safe myself some bowl clean-up


When the sausage was cooked I mixed that in as well as a small dollop of pesto for some extra flavor and then stuffed everything into the two peppers! I cooked them at 450 for about 15 minutesIMG_5875 IMG_5873These were soo good that I am tempted to make them again for dinner tonight! I made two so that I would have two dinners… and they were probably my best dinners all week!

Sundried Tomato Sausage, Spinach, Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

2 medium Bell Peppers

1 cup chopped spinach

1 c cooked quinoa

1/2 c crumbled goat cheese

2 chicken sausages

1/2 c green onions

1 tsb pesto

Cook sausage on stove top, while cooking combine all other ingredients minus the peppers. Add in Sausage and pesto, then stuff into peppers. Cook at 450 for 15 mintues or until cheese is sufficiently melty and enjoy!!!

Now for the most ridiculous website ever…….. a photo editor made entirely out of Unicorns and Rainbows… where this was when I was in college in a sorority that had Unicorns as its mascot no one know but now… to say it changed my life is an understatement and I apologise in advance to all the people who will now be subjected to these photos… sorry Im not actually sorry because its AWESOME



So go forth and cornify your life so you too can reach new levels of coolness… also yes that is a “unicorn horn” Erica and I are making…. obviously we took it very seriously….


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



Hills and running

Hello there! So today I wanted to talk about whats been going on fitness wise lately! Way back in July which feels like a hundred years ago I signed up for the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon with Liz!! I kind of forgot about it for awhile and just wasn’t running a lot.. one because I [...]

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2012 in review


Happy New Year!! I cannot believe it is already 2013! As Yoda and I lay on the couch having a Game of Thrones marathon recovering from last nights festivities, I found myself reflecting on 2012. 2012 was a pretty big year in my life, one that brought a lot of changes and also a lot [...]

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Happy Holidays!!


Merry Christmas from Chicago!!! Hope y’all have a wonderful time with family and friends! I know I am! Xxoo Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

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Break and cookies!


As of an hour ago I am on break!!! This is my first real grown up Christmas break… and I can honestly say I have never needed a break more… I know last year when I was stressing about doc apps and that pesky thing called my master’s thesis…. nothing on life lately! I now [...]

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NYC Part 2


Happy Saturday!!!! So a week ago today I was in NYC reunited with people from three stages of my life! I got to spend my day with high school, college, and a friend from Denver/grad school! We spent the day on a made up by me pub crawl aka we went to two bars! We [...]

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Friday Quotes

Instead of the post on NYC I had planned, today’s post is quote-filled. After a tragedy like what happened in Connecticut this morning I felt it would be good to reflect, and I also have found a bunch that speak to me right now so here ya go… hope everyone has a great Friday and [...]

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Oh howdy! There is more NYC to come but I wanted to do a fun 12/12/12 related post instead… also TWO in ONE DAY… I know.. it could be getting back to normal posting around hurr So because it is 12/12/12 and there are 12 days till Christmas Eve now, I have decided to do [...]

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NYC Part 1

Happy Wednesday y’all! Hope you are all having a good morning! I know can you believe I am posting two days in a row? Its a holiday miracle! This past weekend I went to NYC with my dear sweet Twinkle fairy to see her brother who goes to med school at Mt. Sinai and of [...]

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